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  1. General conditions

    1. These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "GTC") govern the legal relationship between emsoft s.r.o.L. Novomeského 2672/5 911 08 Trenčín, ICO:47566132 (the "Seller") and any person who is the buyer of the goods offered by the Seller. through an online store, which arise upon the purchase of the said goods.
    2. The rights and obligations of the parties to the purchase agreement are governed by the law of the purchase agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms")
    3. The buyer in the purchase contract, respectively. by confirming in the order, he accepts the business conditions and undertakes to abide by them. These terms and conditions can be deviated from only on the basis of a written agreement between the seller and the buyer.
    4. In the event that the seller and the buyer enter into a written purchase agreement in which they agree on terms and conditions deviating from the terms and conditions, the provisions of such purchase agreement will take precedence over the terms and conditions.
  2. Definition of basic terms

    1. "Buyer" is a natural or legal person who has ordered and paid for goods through an online store ("Buyer")
    2. "Consignee" means the natural or legal person to whom the ordered goods are to be delivered (hereinafter referred to as the "consignee").
    3. "Goods" is a product ordered through an online store (hereinafter referred to as "the goods").
  3. Rights and obligations of the seller

    1. The seller is obliged to:
      1. deliver the goods to the consignee in the agreed quantity and quality,
      2. enable the recipient to acquire ownership of the goods.
    2. The seller has the right to properly pay the purchase price from the buyer for the delivered goods.
  4. Rights and obligations of the buyer

    1. The buyer is obliged to:
      1. pay the seller the purchase price when ordering the goods,
      2. not to damage the good name and reputation of the seller,
      3. fully and accurately state all required information in the order.
    2. The buyer has the right to deliver the goods to the recipient specified in the order in the quantity, quality, date and place specified by the buyer.
  5. Order - concluding a contract

    1. The buyer has the opportunity to choose goods in the online store which it designates for delivery to the consignee.
    2. The contractual relationship between the seller and the buyer arises from confirmation by the seller (email) to the buyer. The seller is obliged to confirm the establishment of a contractual relationship with the buyer no later than 24 hours. from receipt of the order. If necessary, all additional information regarding the order will be sent to the buyer to the specified e-mail address.
    3. The buyer is obliged to fill in truthfully and accurately all the data in the order, otherwise he is responsible for non-delivery of goods, or any damage that the seller will incur as a result of incorrect and incompletely entered data.
    4. The buyer will receive a confirmation email about the order.
  6. Order cancellation and withdrawal from the contract

    1. The order can be canceled free of charge until it is confirmed by sending an e-mail to the seller.
    2. The seller has the right to cancel the order and withdraw from the contract if, due to unavailability of goods or with all reasonable efforts, he is unable to deliver the goods to the buyer within the required period or at the price specified in the online store.
    3. In the case of the purchase price, or part thereof, already paid, the funds will be returned to the buyer's account within 14 days of the valid cancellation of the order.
    4. The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving a reason within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods. After this period, this right expires. The consumer has the right to unpack and test the goods within this period after receipt in a manner similar to the usual purchase in a classic "stone" shop, to the extent necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. The consumer is responsible for any reduction in the value of the goods. Therefore, testing does not mean starting to use the goods and returning them to the seller after a few days.
    5. Due to the fact that in the event of withdrawal, the contract is canceled from the beginning, returned or replaced by the parties to all mutually accepted services. When returning goods at a reduced value due to their treatment in a manner other than that necessary to determine their nature, properties and functionality, only an aliquot part of the purchase price corresponding to the value of the returned goods will be returned to the consumer.
    6. If the consumer withdraws from the contract, it is necessary to send information by email to
    7. If the consumer withdraws from the contract, he must deliver the goods in a secure manner at his own expense to the address, which will be notified to him in writing or electronically, within 14 days from the date of withdrawal. We strongly recommend insuring the goods.
    8. The goods must be returned together with all documents relating to the goods in question, which the buyer received during their purchase, delivery and acceptance.
    9. in the case of a break in the packaging of food supplements, it is not possible to return the goods for hygienic reasons.
  7. Terms of Delivery

    1. The goods will be delivered by courier company to the specified delivery address.
    2. Stock goods are usually shipped within 48 hours of receiving the order.
    3. If the goods specified in the order are not in stock, we will inform the buyer.
    4. The buyer is obliged to take over the goods from the carrier. We recommend checking the integrity of the packaging, the number of packages and in case of discrepancies contact the seller immediately.
  8. Prices and payment terms

    1. The operator reserves the right to change the price of goods. The prices listed in the e-shop may vary and the buyer does not have the right to additionally request a price other than the price agreed in advance.
    2. All prices for goods and all fees in the e-shop are listed including VAT.
    3. The seller is not a VAT payer.
    4. The buyer is obliged to pay the price for the goods. The order of goods and its subsequent purchase is carried out through the e-shop, steps, methods and sequence specified on it.
    5. Payment for the goods can be made by credit card or bank transfer.
    6. The amount of postage depends on the country of delivery.
  9. Warranty

    1. The operator provides a warranty for the goods for a period of 24 months, unless otherwise stated for a specific product. The warranty begins on the day the goods are taken over by the buyer. The buyer is obliged to properly acquaint himself with the instructions and warranty conditions before the first use of the goods.
    2. The Buyer has the right to claim a warranty from the Operator only in the case of goods showing defects caused by the manufacturer, not after the warranty period, it is covered by the warranty and was purchased from the operator. In other cases, the seller will not be able to repair the damaged goods under warranty and if the buyer, after being notified of this fact, will be obliged to reimburse the operator for the costs associated with service and repair of such goods. The warranty does not cover mechanical damage to the goods by the buyer, the use of goods in non-compliant, resp. unsuitable conditions, unprofessional handling, neglect of care of goods, unprofessional assembly, incorrect handling and use of goods, incorrect treatment of goods, unprofessional installation. All lawful repairs are free of charge during the warranty period. The right to a free warranty repair also expires in the event of unprofessional intervention in the product during the warranty period by a person other than the authorized person. At the same time, the operator reserves the right not to return money for such goods and the right not to exchange them for other goods.
    3. The warranty also does not cover damage caused by natural disasters, natural disasters, violent damage, weather conditions or operation in extreme and unusual conditions.
    4. If the goods need to be repaired or replaced, the buyer is obliged to send the goods to an address that will be notified to him in writing or electronically. The goods must be well packed, with all the essentials, so as not to cause any possible damage.
  10. Principles of personal data processing

    1. E-commerce operator responsible for the processing of personal data under Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, (GDPR)
    2. For more information about our privacy practices, go to this page.
  11. Cookies

    1. This website uses cookies to remember user settings, to better tailor ads to the interests of visitors and for the necessary functionality of the website.
    2. More information about cookies can be found at this page.
  12. Responsibility

    1. The condition for the validity of the purchase contract is the completion of all mandatory data in the order form.
    2. The seller is not responsible for non-delivery or delay if the non-delivery was caused by deficiencies on the part of the buyer, such as incorrect address of the buyer to deliver the goods, incorrect telephone contact with the buyer, or incorrect provision of any other information that proves false. as a result of which the goods could not be properly delivered.
    3. The seller is not responsible for non-delivery of the goods if the goods were refused to be taken over by the person to whom they should have been delivered according to the data in the buyer's order.
    4. The seller is not responsible for non-delivery of the goods if the person to whom the goods were to be delivered was unreachable.
    5. If the seller cannot deliver the ordered goods for reasons on the part of the seller, the purchase price paid by the buyer will be returned to the buyer's bank account.
    6. The seller is not responsible for late delivery, damage to the goods caused by courier service.